Reviews for It's All About You! Reiki Massage
     February 10, 2015
Brenda is knowledgeable in several disciplines in addition to Reiki, which results in a high level of
service. She is intuitive, thoughtful, kind and attentive. I am now working with her on an
extended basis. She provides exceptional value, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.
--Pam C.
     February 2016
You gave me two very incredible sessions and I want to thank you for that. There
were things that were brought up that I didn't understand why, but now can see it.
You have a beautiful gift.  -- F.R.
     February 24, 2015
Brenda's massage was exactly what I needed! She was very kind
and welcoming and her sessions are very affordable for a grad
student such as myself. I am new to Reiki and it definitely was a
very positive experience, I will be reaching out to Brenda again in the
near future!
-- Katelyn M.
     March 20, 2015
Need Reiki Lessons
"Brenda is very professional and kind. She has a comfortable work space, full of good
vibrations. I did my Master level attunement with her, which was a great experience
in and of itself, but Brenda also went the extra length to check in with me to make
sure I was taking care of myself and to see if I had any questions, in the week
follow my attunement. I am looking forward to Reiki sharing with her and some of
her other students in the near future."
--Elizabeth R.
     March 23, 2015
Need a Reiki Healer
"Spot on! I felt cleaner and clearer for my first experience. Highly
recommend Brenda. My husband also enjoyed his experience as well.
Thank you! Thank you!!"
--Mindy G.
     March 6, 2015
Brenda is awesome! I have known her for 20 years and am constantly
amazed at her knowledge, skills and desire to provide a great service. I
have had several reiki sessions with her and have always left relaxed and
rejuvenated. I highly recommend Brenda and look forward to my first
--Cathy W.
     January 28, 2015
I would encourage anyone that has a healing need whether it is spiritual or
physical to see Brenda. Brenda has helped me with her massage and Reiki
therapy. I would give Brenda a 10 on a scale of 1 - 10.
--Karen M.
     March 26, 2015
Need Reiki Healing Service
"Brenda was extremely welcoming from the moment I walked
up. I felt like I was arriving to meet a friend I'd known for years.
She made sure I was comfortable and felt at home. I left feeling
relaxed and completely de-stressed."
--Mary L.
     April 17, 2015
I had an amazing session and received lots of insight and
information from Brenda. She was very generous with her
time. I referred several friends to her and I booked another
appointment which I am very much looking forward to.
Thank you Brenda!
--Michelle A.
       May 6, 2015
This was my first time to have a Reiki experience, but with Brenda it was as if this is something I
have needed for a very long time.

Brenda's touch is something from God His self. I broke my foot 10 weeks ago and there was a
pain still there after my session it is gone, there was also aching in my lower back and that too
has been alleviated.

God has sent me on a path of connection to Him and I thank God for Brenda being in that path!
  --Shannen R.
    August 3, 2015
My reiki massage with Brenda was wonderful, start to long after it was finished. She was
waiting at the door to greet me, and was courteous and personable. I've had massages done
in the past, but this was my first experience with reiki, and I felt so relaxed I actually nodded
off a few times. I have problems with my ovaries, and it's hard for me to take a deep breath
without feeling it. During my session, Brenda focused there intuitively without previous
knowledge of my condition. Ever since the session, I have been able to take a deep breath
without any pain! On top of that, my husband got really sick that night, and I stayed up half
the night to take care of him. I had to get up early the next morning for work, and I'm
usually low on energy if I get that little of sleep. But I woke up the next morning completely
refreshed and full of energy. I can only attribute that to Brenda's session. I would - and
already have - recommended her to friends of mine. She has my full confidence and trust in
her healing abilities, and I know I will be going back to her in the future.
    --Rayla G.
     May 2016
Reiki Lev 2 class and Reiki sessions
I wanted to thank you for our Reiki ll class/attunement. You answered all my questions and
I love the workbook. The second attunement was especially strong and your stories and
insights were very helpful....I believe there are some people that are gifted/blessed with
healing knowledge beyond sometimes even their own knowing and I believe you are one of
those people.. I always come away from my Reiki sessions with such clarity and my body
flows with energies.. I have had Reiki sessions with other Masters and every one of them
have been very healing, but you have an extra understanding of the body and your insight
seems to know where to have you send the energies. Thank you so much for your continued
service to the healing of everyone who comes to you for relief.  -- Jackie W.