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Reiki and Sora, my friend
I knew something was wrong with my cat Sora, as it was normal to see her running everywhere (walking
was too   slow to get from point A to point B), jumping upon or onto things, or chasing after anything that
caught her eye: bugs, leaves, ribbons, Buttercup, our hamster, running around in her hamster ball, and
especially Kelly (our family dog) and Fiona (our other family cat).
One day I noticed she was lying around not moving much, which was very unusual. She favored one leg,
her left hind leg. When she moved, she walked slowly, she was careful how she jumped onto or down
from furniture, how she went in and out the doggie door, etc. There was no cut on her leg, so I knew she
just pulled her muscle or bruised something.
For 30 minutes, twice a day, for two days, she allowed me to place my hands on her hurt leg, and run Reiki
through her leg/body. Like I said above, she doesn’t like to be still for too long, and though she doesn’t
mind you petting her for a few minutes, me keeping my hands on her for 30 minutes without moving them
around (as in a petting motion), was very unusual for her. I could feel the healing energy of Reiki running
through me and into Sora’s little body. At first, I thought she may not like how my hands heat up while the
healing energy of Reiki moved through them and into her body, but she just purred and was very content.
I knew she was healed when on the third day she didn’t want to lay still and allow me to give her a Reiki
treatment. She was back to her normal self, running, jumping, chasing, etc. Because of the Reiki
treatments/session, Sora didn’t have to be stressed out by being placed in a cage/cat carrier, ride in a car,
spend time at the vet, and I didn’t have a vet bill to pay. She was happy and content being healed in her
home, amongst her two-legged and four-legged family.
14yrs old
friend and someone I loved dearly
1996 to 2010
Note: I have made this gratitude prayer a part of my daily routine.

Gratitude Prayer

Good morning God, Angels, and Divine Beings of Light.

I am so happy and grateful that you love me and support me always
and in all ways.

Today is a day of wonder and miracles.

Miracle shall follow miracle and wonders shall never cease.

I give thanks for this perfect day, this opportunity to be renewed,
and I love feeling energized, motivated, and excited at the
start of each day.

I am grateful for good health, and abundance of energy,
    and because I feel so good, I am grateful for the amazing,
    loving, and supportive people in my life.

I am grateful for the comfortable home I live in and the reliable
    car that I drive, and I am so grateful to have such
    amazing support from my Spirit Friends.

Please help me to be the highest version of myself that is possible
    today, and help me to stay in the flow of life,
    leading to the highest good for all.

Open the way for my Divine plan to manifest today,
    as I am God's manifestation.

Let me clearly see the steps to take to put that plan into action.

Let the wisdom and courage within me now be released, and
    remind me that I am a Divine Being and can easily
    access a wealth of information.

Help me to receive clear messages and take bold actions
    with grace and confidence.

Open the way for great abundance in all aspects of my life.

I am an irresistible magnet for all that I chose to be, do, and
    have in my life.

Money and amazing gifts come to me easily and effortlessly,
    and I love it when money comes to me in unexpected ways
    and at the perfect time.

Help me to remember that everything I desire comes to me
    with joy and ease.

Help me to be open to receive all that is good, all that the
    Universe has to offer.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to help so many people.

Open the way for me to do the perfect work that brings me joy
    and financial abundance and freedom.

Please send the perfect clients and customers my way at
    the perfect time.

I give thanks that this happens easily and effortlessly.

Please instill in me the desire to be the best that I can
    be – to shine brightly and live in joy and gratitude.

Help me to eat food that is healthy and perfect for my vibrant body.

Help me to get the right amount of exercise, rest, and play each day.

Help me to easily complete all the tasks that are mine to do today.

Make me an instrument of peace and a walking example
    of love in action.

Please remind me often that I am a magnificent, Divine Being, and
    that I am loved.

Help me to maintain positive, uplifting thoughts and expect wondrous
things to happen daily.

I ask for all of this, and things even greater to come my way.

And so it is. Asha, Asha. Namaste....
A few
Reiki hand
*Dr. Oz endorses Reiki. He uses Reiki in his operating room. Dr. Oz and Reiki
*The PGA offers Reiki to the pro-golfers. PGA/Pro-Golfers and Reiki
*US Army and Reiki  Ft. Hood and Reiki
*US Military and Reiki US Military and VA using Reiki to heal
Mesothelioma:   Information collected in one source, providing the most
comprehensive look at this devastating disease affecting 3000 annually.  
As with any ailment or disease, Reiki is very beneficial in the healing process or
releiving/easing of pain, chemo treatment issues, etc Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance
"I received more relief for my carpel tunnel syndrome through
Reiki than, months of acupuncture treatments and chiropractic
visits ever did.”
Richard 01/04/11
“After my session, last night is the first night I have slept straight through the
night without waking once.  I haven’t done that in over a month.  I woke up
feeling very positive. Almost like I can face whatever comes in a more positive
way.  I’m excited about that. Thank you so much for a very positive and
inspirational session.”
Claudia 01/05/11
"Brenda has been a Reiki Master/Teacher since Oct 2004. Richard, her partner
and assistant, has been a Reiki Master/Teacher since Feb 2010. Brenda has put
together a great manual to go along with each level. You will also receive a
certificate when you have completed Level 3 - Master/Teacher level. Attunements
through both teachers are very powerful and healing. Both teachers are very
knowledgeable and sincere in their study of Reiki. They also offer Reiki
Circles/Shares once a month for their students to practice and exchange Reiki,
plus learn new techniques, and share ideas/experiences. Also, these Reiki
Circles are open to practitioners who were not her students. Their classes are a
great experience and you can tell that they have both put a lot of thought and prep
into each class, as they want their students to have a good experience. The
classes are small, 3 to 4 students, so you have a one-on-one feel. Their
ex-students are offered the chance to monitor a class after they have taken it."  
Raven 01/27/11
The TV Show - 30 Rock, Blind Date episode, aired
10/25/2006, Jack (character played by Alec Baldwin) talks
about the healing energy of Reiki.  Just a bit of TV trivia.
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