Discover Austin Reiki Healing-Sessions With an Austin Reiki Master
As an Austin Reiki master, Brenda Miller can
use Reiki healing to help eliminate pain and stress in your life.
Contact her today to schedule your first session with a certified Austin Reiki teacher.
   Brenda Miller, an Austin area resident for over two decades, became an Austin
Reiki master and teacher practitioner in 2004. Brenda was a longtime
Fibromyalia/Myofacial Pain Syndrome sufferer; in the past decade, Reiki has
eliminated nearly all of the pain and fatigue that these ailments caused her.
Though it did take time for relief to happen, she can now enjoy a full, free life.
Given her own success, Brenda now uses Reiki healing in Austin to aid other
people who are struggling with illnesses and stress.
  It is believed that human emotions greatly influence people’s overall health
and wellness. In her Austin Reiki healing practice, Brenda aims to reduce stress,
induce relaxation, balance Chakras, and relieve pain. Reiki is an excellent option
for people who are interested in both modern Western medicine and in ancient
Eastern remedies. It can be used in conjunction with either medical regimen.
The AMA asserts that over ¾ of all diseases and other ailments are the result of
stress. Since Reiki aims to greatly lower individuals’ stress levels, it also has a
healing effect. One of the best things about Reiki is that both children and adults
can benefit from it. It is particularly useful for those who are coping with Autism,
ADD, and ADHD, as well as for babies who are struggling to sleep.
  If you choose Brenda to be your Austin Reiki teacher, you can expect
reflexology, acupressure, and aromatherapy to be incorporated into your
sessions. In 2010, Brenda began teaching Usui Reiki. You can develop Level 1
and Level 2 skills in a two day class. If you wish to reach Level 3 and become an
Austin Reiki master yourself, you will need to register for a separate one day
  Honor your beautiful body with the love it deserves by contacting Brenda
today. You can discuss private sessions or class schedules via
email or
cell: 512-497-2289.