My Book: Curiosity Expands Your Mind, a Resource Book for Truth Seekers by Brenda Miller
           This reference book is to guide you on your quest for a more
magical and spiritual existence. This book will introduce you to
affirmations and how they are used to empower your life; chakras and the
colors associated with them; gemstones and their meanings; phases of
the moon and the magical workings for each phase; symbols and their
significance; and much more. This resource book is detailed enough to
be all that you may want to know on each of the subjects referenced. It
may be used as a starting point towards the mastery of any topic that
ignites your passion.
         You will learn that we all come from the Creator, Universe, Spirit, or
Source. You will see that all religions and belief systems have a basic
beginning or foundation. You will see that one is not better than the other.
We are here on Mother Earth to love and support each other, and
regardless of our beliefs, we are all looking for acceptance, happiness,
and above all, love. Use this reference book to explore, to become
seekers of truth, to encourage you to open your heart and mind, and to
experience a more meaningful life. Life is meant to be enjoyed, so go out
and experience it.
    Embrace life to the fullest
    to enjoy it to the fullest,
    Brenda Miller, IAAM
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